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oatmeal has 3 dimensions and 3-dimensional solid objects have surface area proportional to the square of their size in one chosen dimension (particularly a sphere has area of 4πr2 with r as the radius of the sphere). More generally, in a space with N dimensions, the strength of the gravitational attraction between two bodies separated by a distance of r would be inversely proportional to rN-1.

Fixing the number of temporal dimensions at 1 and letting the number of spatial dimensions exceed 3! Thus, time slows when heated water is added to that Apple Cinnamon Goodness! So Simple.

Chris Boese

Because you're using the better slow-cooking oatmeal instead of that evil 1-minute kind (or worse, the little instant packets of sugar, glue, and a few oatmeal particles).

Good for you! Slow-cooking oatmeal rulez!


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